“We’re Live Again”

Imagine my disbelief when a seller called me earlier this month to tell me that he attempted to go to this website and it wasn’t there!  Sure enough, when I checked, I discovered that it was gone.  I called our web hosting company to find out where my website was.  I learned that when I had cancelled another domain hosted by the company, they also cancelled and deleted this website!  I spoke with several tech people at our web hosting company who admitted that the website had been deleted from the backup servers as well!  I experienced stress with a capital “S!”  Our business depends upon having a website to serve our customers.

With the efforts of our web designer, we have painstakingly re-created this website, partly from memory, partly from old files, and with a lot of prayer!  We are so happy to be “live” again, and connect with all of you who like to do business over the web.

Welcome to Cash for Homes Upstate!

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