This Seller Took Our Advice

Frances M. found our ad in the Yellow Book and called us up.  She and her sister needed to sell a vacant, old family home that no one needed, located in Landrum, SC.

After asking Frances a few questions  about the property, we set up a time to go out and see it.  After walking through the house, we quickly concluded that it was not a good fit for what we needed.  We were not able to make an offer to the seller.

As we  listened to Frances and her sister discuss their financial needs, we suggested a selling plan.  We encouraged them to place an ad in the local  Landrum weekly.  We gave them the text for the ad, explained who would most likely buy it, and what price they needed to set in order to sell it quickly.

Several weeks later I received a voicemail message from Frances with the following good news:

I just wanted to call you and tell you that we took your advice.  We placed an ad in our local paper here in Landrum.  We listed our house as a “handyman special” for the price you recommended.  The first person who called us came out to see it and ended up buying the house.  Thanks for your suggestion!

The good news continues.  It turns out that the buyer for the house bought it with the intention of providing housing for a homeless family until  they can get back on their feet.

We feel grateful to have been part of this process of one good deed begetting another!

No Showings in 350 Days!

Imagine that you have a brick ranch, set on a large lot with a beautiful backyard in Greenville, SC, located close to the major hospital area.  You inherit this house that needs rehab and updating, but don’t have the time or money to so.  You list the house with a realtor in “as is” condition and don’t have a single showing in over 350 days!

You would probably feel as discouraged and frustrated as Charles did when he contacted us.  As the executor of his aunt’s estate, he needed to sell her house.  Every week he drove over and mowed the grass in the summer.  Every week he returned to the house to check on the inside.  Meanwhile he continued to pay the power and gas bills, and the yearly property taxes.

We met with Charles and saw the house.  After estimating our rehab/finance costs, we made our best offer to Charles.  He turned down our offer and we were not able at that time to come up with a number that worked for both of us.  However the story continues.

Over the next few weeks, we kept in touch with Charles by phone, at his suggestion.  Eventually, after consulting with his attorney, he decided to reconsider our offer.  We, in turn, offered to pay all of his closing costs.  By doing so, Charles was able to net the amount that worked for him.

Charles was relieved to sell the house, end his maintenance chores there, and put some cash in his pocket.

We, in turn, were gratified to hear how he appreciated the professional way we worked with him, and guided him along in the entire process of selling his house.

She Inherited a Property She Didn’t Need

After her mother passed away, Melody Parker was faced with settling her mother’s estate.  Complicating this difficult process was the fact that Melody lived in Atlanta, GA, while her mother’s house was in Greenville, SC.

Melody called us after receiving written communication from us about our service.  She already had a home in Atlanta, and did not need the house left to her in her mother’s estate.  Melody told me that we were the first people she encountered, after many months of dealing with probate, who were actually helpful.

We were able to quickly agree on a selling price.  We selected a closing date that worked best for Melody’s schedule.  We handled all the closing details, keeping her informed on a regular basis.  Melody also had a great deal of her mother’s furniture and household supplies to donate to a charity.  We recommended several local charities to her, and she was able to make arrangements with them.

Last, but not least, we gave Melody an additional 2-3 days after closing to travel back to Greenville to move out 2-3 pieces of furniture that she wished to keep.

We strive to create a win-win for everyone, and apparently succeeded:

Working with Cash for Homes Upstate was one of the high points of the very long process of sorting out my mother’s estate.  Every step of the process from initial contact to closing was handled practically with kid gloves.  I would heartily recommend your services to anyone seeking asistance with a speedy sale of a home in the Upstate!

What did we do with the house we bought?  We renovated it, listed it for sale, and sold it to a young professional who was thrilled to buy her first home!

“We’re Live Again”

Imagine my disbelief when a seller called me earlier this month to tell me that he attempted to go to this website and it wasn’t there!  Sure enough, when I checked, I discovered that it was gone.  I called our web hosting company to find out where my website was.  I learned that when I had cancelled another domain hosted by the company, they also cancelled and deleted this website!  I spoke with several tech people at our web hosting company who admitted that the website had been deleted from the backup servers as well!  I experienced stress with a capital “S!”  Our business depends upon having a website to serve our customers.

With the efforts of our web designer, we have painstakingly re-created this website, partly from memory, partly from old files, and with a lot of prayer!  We are so happy to be “live” again, and connect with all of you who like to do business over the web.

Welcome to Cash for Homes Upstate!